Ann Arbor art exhibit showcases special talent

Program strives to connect all artists

This year will mark the 27th Annual Prison Creative Arts Project that showcases the artwork of people who are incarcerated. Emily Chase from the project joined All About Ann Arbor Community Producer Meredith Bruckner on “Live in the D” to discuss the art exhibit and to talk about the meaning of the program.

The art exhibit is only two weeks long, but it takes a year to plan. Chase said that throughout the year of planning, she goes to 25 correctional facilities to speak with the prisoners and choose which pieces will go on display.

The purpose of the art exhibit is to show the talent of those with limited resources. “We’re all about using that connection of art to connect people who are outside and inside prison. We also believe anyone can be an artist, so an amateur or professional”, said Chase.

Chase said that the importance of the exhibit is showing that people who are incarcerated are people.

The art exhibition is open now until April 4th at the Duderstadt Gallery on University of Michigan’s North Campus.

To learn more and see the full interview, watch the video above.