Omar Gooding stars in new comedy TV series

Actor plays a dad in “Saturdays”

You might know him from roles that ranged from the show “Smart Guy” to the movie “Baby Boy”, and now actor Omar Gooding is starring in something new. He’s in a new comedy series called “Saturdays”.

Gooding plays the role of “Cal Johnson” who he described as being a “fun dad” who also “enjoys his kids’ mistakes.” The show is about the skating culture in Chicago and Saturdays is the name of the skating rink where Cal’s daughter loves to skate. Gooding mentioned he also gets on skates for the show and praised the show’s choreography for skating.

When asked if he prefers acting for TV or movies, Gooding said it depends on the role. “If it’s a movie like “Baby Boy” that’s fun, you know. I like to go ahead and show that side of me in my acting range and what not, but I love laughing,” Gooding said. He explained that the TV show he’s part of are usually sitcoms where he gets to improv and have fun.

You can watch Gooding in his latest role in “Saturdays” on Disney+ and the Disney Channel.

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