Planning ahead: Prioritizing men’s health by the decades

Doctor shares advice for men in their 20s to 70s

Each decade of life brings with it new health milestones, and you’ll want to make sure you’re ready.

Dr. Todor Toromanovski, a primary care physician at the Detroit Medical Center, appeared on “Live In The D” to share advice about the things men should talk about with their doctors at each stage in life. He walked through six decades and how men can take good care of their health.

Toromanovski started with the 20s. He stressed that this is the time to lay the foundation for a healthier life later. He said men in their 20s should see their primary care doctor once a year, even if they feel healthy. The doctor expressed that it’s also the time to maintain healthy life habits like exercising regularly, eating nutritious meals, and getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

When men enter their 30s, Toromanovski explained that they should prepare themselves for changes in their overall health. He said age 30 is when doctors start screening for diabetes and check cholesterol levels.

After arriving into the 40s, you should expect normal health changes and be ready for them. Men should start talking with their doctors about their risk for heart disease and prevention of heart disease, Toromanovski said.

Once men hit their 50s, Toromanovski says men really need focus on their self-care. Screening for lung cancer and prostate cancer are key during this decade. Toromanovski also recommends making sure you have the Shingles vaccine and Hepatis B vaccine.

Next up is the 60s, and it’s time for men to step up their game. The doctor explained that age 65 is when you’re eligible for the pneumonia vaccine, or earlier if you’re at an increased risk.

Moving on to the 70s, cognitive decline can be a concern. Toromanovski encourages you to keep your mind busy and to be social.

Watch the video above or click here for more detailed explanations about men’s health by the decade.

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