Hamtramck Residents To Hear Prayer Broadcasts

Issue Sparks Heated Debate Among Residents

Hamtramck residents will soon be hearing a Muslim call to prayer five times a day following a unanimous vote by the City Council Tuesday night.

The issue of sending out the prayer on a loudspeaker in the city sparked a heated debate among residents.

"If you guys think about it, the Muslim call to prayer is actually a beautiful thing," an unidentified man who supported the issue said during the City Council meeting.

Some residents are opposed to the call to prayer, saying it gives state sponsorship of a religion and it lifts Islam above all other religions in Hamtramck, Local 4 reported.

"I would say that is a distortion," Hamtramck City Councilwoman Karen Majewski said. "We worked very hard to craft this ordinance in such a way that it would cover all means of religious expression."

Resident Maria Radtke called it "one big mess."

"There'll be no peace as far as I'm concerned," Radtke said.

Resident Bob Golen also opposes the call to prayer. He said he is a Christian and does not believe in the tenets of the Muslim faith.