Police Hope Video Can Help Catch Taco Truck Owner's Killer

DETROIT – Detroit police said a store's surveillance video shows the gunman who killed a taco truck owner Monday night near Springwells and Longworth streets.

One of the two brothers who own the truck was shot and killed when the gunman ran into the van with the intent to rob it, police said.


Owner Jose Aguirre and his brother, Juan Aguirre, thought the gun was fake and began fighting with the gunman. The gunman fired at both men, killing Juan Aguirre and wounding Jose Aguirre, police said.

Jose Aguirre was in serious condition Thursday night.

The video from a nearby store, obtained by Local 4, captured the shooting. The gunman is seen falling out of the truck after shots were fired. He fled on foot. The truck's lights are flashed in a cry for help.

Police hope more footage from another surveillance camera can aid them in catching the gunman. That video shows a fuzzy, shadowy figure fleeing the scene. Police said the man on the surveillance video was the same gunman.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood is mourning the death of the truck operator who was well-known by his customers. A growing circle of prayer candles remain where the truck once stood.

"Basically, it's a tragedy," said Michael Hickman, who lives nearby and knew the victim. "From the neighborhood, we all knew the guy. We all bought tacos and burritos from him. He was a real nice guy. Even when he was slow he would give you a free taco."

Police said the gunman did not get away with any money. There was no description of the gunman other than what is seen on the video.

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