Detroit Mother looks for answers in son's murder


DETROIT – Mother's Day will be traumatic for a Detroit mom who lost her only son and first born in a shooting.

She can't talk to Detroit Police, so she's talking with Local 4

Tanasha King knows Mother's Day will be difficult. Her son, 23-year-old Marcus Jackson was shot three times and killed early Friday morning on St. Mary's near Plymouth. According to King, she lacks confidence in Detroit Police because she's called to talk to detectives and they have not called her back.

"They act like, if you're out here and you're found on the street, you're just a nobody. And he wasn't a nobody. He was my son," King tells Local 4.

She also wants to tell police why she thinks her son was targeted.

"I just got my income tax and I gave him $500."

Police sources tell Local 4, the victim's wallet was found across the street and down the block from where he was killed. Investigators also believe there may have been two killers because his wallet was found in the opposite direction of where the possible murder weapon was found. The weapon was a 38 special handgun found by Local 4 in thick grass after police cleared the scene. Police came back for the gun and found five spent shells in the cylinder.

"You guys find to find the weapon and they had it all taped off. It's sickening to me," King tells Local 4.

Marcus has a two-year-old daughter Harmony, who will help Tanasha through her grief. But Mother's Day will be difficult. The day before was a nightmare. "I woke up to this reality. It hurt, broke me down," King said.