Parking hard to come by near Berkley's Vinsetta Garage restaurant

Parking has spilled over into nearby Berkley neighborhoods as Vinsetta's business booms

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BERKLEY, Mich. – Joe Arfe had just finished lunch with his friend Doug at Vinsetta Garage restaurant on Woodward Avenue in Berkley.

They had to park on Eton Street about a block away from the popular restaurant.

"In fact, we made the comment that I bet the neighbors just love the fact that everyone's parking down here," Arfe said.

Within seconds of them driving off, a truck pulled into the space, proving how valuable parking is near the hot spot.

"It's the cars parked on both sides of the street that makes it tough," said Claire Charlton, who lives nearby. "It's like the Dream Cruise all the time."

Charlton lives just two blocks away from Vinsetta. She said her street is as busy as the restaurant itself. There are 13 spots next to the restaurant. Vinsetta management know it's a problem.

"We spend half the day trying to create a parking problem and the other half of the day trying to fix the parking problem," said Erich Lines, corporate manager of Union Joints.

Every spot always is full and drivers have been forced to seek parking in the neighborhood. Lines is promising the parking problem will end soon.

"It's only been 75 days since we've been open. And in that 75 days we have taken quite a few steps to try and combat this issue," said Lines.

Police have been monitoring the neighborhood streets for parking violators. The city of Berkley may eliminate parking on the fire hydrant side of the street. The restaurant has offers on properties nearby for a parking lot.