Police search for more butt injection victims as suspects bond out of jail

Police: Fake nurse, partner inject cancer-causing solution into victims' buttocks


HIALEAH, Fla. – Two people in Hialeah, Florida were arrested earlier this week after being accused of injecting a foreign solution known to cause cancer into victims' buttocks and charging them for buttocks-enhancing procedures.

Samela Hernandez, 53, and her husband, Pedro Hernandez, 57, were arrested during a dramatic raid on the home, located at 3143 West 70th St.

Detectives say the couple posed as a doctor and nurse.

At least one victim told police she was last treated in November and the procedure left her permanently deformed, police said.

Police said the solution the suspects used was banned in Colombia years ago because of its tendency to cause cancer.

When police raided the home, they found large amounts of cash and assorted pills and medications that require a prescription. They say they also found boxes filled with brand new needles, and containers filled with used, contaminated needles that were used to inject the banned substance.

Police also found vials of assorted substances whose labels they think were switched to fool customs agents. The inside of the home was set up like a doctor's office with plenty of medical supplies, medical equipment and anatomy charts, police said.

A separate computer was reportedly used to keep track of patients who had been fraudulently treated since 2008, Local 10's Todd Tongen reported.

Samela and Pedro Hernandez are facing numerous charges, including practicing medicine without a license and obtaining drugs illegally. The couple bonded out of jail.

Meanwhile, detectives are trying to contact the list of patients found on the Hernandez's computer to alert them about the possible health risks they face. And they are asking anyone who may have been treated by the couple to contact police.