Detroit rapper known as Young Calico to be in court Tuesday

Young Calicoe charged with dog fighting, conspiracy to gamble


DETROIT – The Detroit rapper who goes by the name "Young Calicoe" is expected to appear in court Tuesday on dog fighting charges.

22-year-old Toranio Hightower is charged with conspiracy to gamble, animal fighting and conspiracy to commit animal fighting. Two others are also facing similar charges: 31-year-old Savay Chokbengboun and 26-year-old Cassandra Faye Worthington.


The three are accused of committing the crimes from July 2009 until July 2012, when Detroit police and the Michigan Humane Society raided a home on West Outer Drive and removed several dogs and other animals.

Young Calico became the center of a police investigation after video of him making references to dog fighting went viral online.

In the video, the rapper is giving a tour of his home, including his collection of roosters and dogs. At one point, he makes reference to Michael Vick – the NFL quarterback who was sent to prison for being involved in an illegal dog-fighting ring. "I hope we don't get indicted for that, " he says in the video.

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