Warren pet store raided by police; owner found hiding in basement

Warren mayor orders police, Animal Control to seize animals at Greenwood Pets and Plants


WARREN, Mich. – Investigators say what was found behind the doors of Greenwood Pets and Plants in Warren was disturbing.

Animals: hundreds of them, many in bad condition, and some of them dead.

"I bet you at least 100, at least a hundred with geckos and bearded dragons, and puppies and kittens and birds, and cockatoos," said Jeff Randazzo, of Macomb County Animal Control.

Police and Animal Control were ordered by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts to seize the animals. One reason: there's no running water. The mayor says the owner is $9,000 behind on the water bill.

When authorities went inside they also learned the electricity was shut off.

"Dennis has been here for years. It's been a family-run business. It's been a pillar in the community for years. As long as I can remember I have been coming her, as a child," said Nick Bardallis, a customer.

But some say recently business took a turn for the worse. A woman says after she bought her dog from here a few months ago she called police.

"He wouldn't have lived if we didn't get him. I'm surprised he survived when we did get him. He was in that bad of condition," said Alexis Hill.

Among the animals and filth was the owner, Dennis Jones. He was found hiding from authorities in the basement.

"I do think it's inexcusable because there's always help out there, there is rescue groups, humane societies, animal control," said Randazzo.