Tucker Cipriano sentenced to life in prison without parole for deadly baseball bat attacks

Cipriano pleaded no contest to first-degree murder in April 2012 death of Bob Cipriano

PONTIAC, Mich. – A man who pleaded no contest to beating his father to death with a baseball bat in their Farmington Hills home shed tears while reading a statement to the court Wednesday before being sentenced to life in prison.

"My father was a great man and was there for me time and time again," Tucker Cipriano said. "I want my dad back."

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Cipriano's 5-minute statement, which he read off paper, recounted several things his parents had done for him while he was growing up.

"My family has done a great deal for me," he said. "I love you."

Cipriano said he was stepping up to take responsibility for his actions.

"I'm sorry for paving the way for such violence," he said.

Raw video: Tucker Cipriano statement at sentencing

Judge Shalina Kumar told Cipriano that he had been given the gift of a wonderful family who was there for him.

"But you just weren't willing to help yourself," she told Cipriano. "You've ruined your life, you've ruined the lives of people who did nothing but love you."

Kumar then sentenced Cipriano to the automatic penalty of life in prison without parole.

Cipriano had pleaded no contest to first-degree murder in June.

Robert Cipriano was killed inside his Farmington Hills home in April 2012. His wife Rose and their son Sal were also attacked. Sal Cipriano still is in a hospital.

Cipriano and co-defendant Mitchell Young are accused of working together.

Young was found guilty of first-degree murder, felony murder, two counts of assault to commit murder and armed robbery in June.

He also was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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