Kilpatrick's stiff sentence could be bad news for Bobby Ferguson

Bobby Ferguson could get lighter sentence only because he wasn't elected official


DETROIT – To say Kwame Kilpatrick had a tough day in court Thursday is an understatement.

The former Detroit mayor pleaded for mercy but it didn't work. Judge Nancy Edmunds sentenced him to 28 years in prison. This means his partner in crime, Bobby Ferguson, who will be sentenced Friday morning, also could be in for a devastating day.

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"(The judge) concluded, in the context of Mr. Kilpatrick's case, that he and Mr. Ferguson together looted the city of a huge amount of money, actually hurt other minority contractors," said legal expert Keith Corbett.

Ferguson's only advantage is that he was not an elected official when all the dirty deals were done. Judge Edmunds may take that into consideration.

"I think it's going to be an unpleasant day for Mr. Ferguson tomorrow as well. Although the one thing he has in his favor is he did not abuse the position of public trust, as did the mayor," said Corbett.

Ferguson also will have an opportunity to address the court. It's unclear after Kilpatrick's outcome if Ferguson will speak.

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