Detention hearing Tuesday for barbershop shooting person of interest

Larry O'Neil Walker II accused of threatening agent during his arrest

Larry O'Neil Walker II
Larry O'Neil Walker II

DETROIT – The person of interest who is in custody in connection with a deadly shooting at a Detroit barbershop this week has been charged with assaulting a federal officer during his arrest.

Larry O'Neil Walker II faces a detention hearing Tuesday .

According to a criminal complaint, federal agents were tracking Walker in Rochester Hills based on information that he could be connected to the shooting at Al's Barber Shop on Detroit's east side -- which lead to the deaths of three people and left six others wounded.

While an agent was parked at an Outback Steakhouse on South Rochester Road, a blue Chrysler minivan approached the agent's car and tried to box it in when the agent began to drive away.

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The agent called for help and headed north on Rochester Road. The minivan's driver tried to ram the rear bumper of the agent's car, forcing the agent to speed up to 80 mph. The agent testified that the minivan tried to veer into him between six and eight times.

With the help of other agents, the minivan was eventually stopped near Rochester Road and South Street, although it continued to try to dodge the agents' vehicles by going in reverse.

The agent testified the driver yelled, "I don't (expletive) care if you are the police, no one chases my mamma."

The driver, later identified as Walker, was removed from the van by the agent and patted down for weapons. He was wearing a bullet proof vest, according to the complaint.

Walker is not charged directly with the shootings, which Detroit Police Chief James Craig has called "urban terrorism."