Crime targets fighting back in Detroit

More Detroiters arming themselves, fighting back criminals

DETROIT – Carjackings, home invasions and violent attacks.

Detroit police are working to control crime in the city but sadly the crimes still unfold on a daily basis.

Just as recent as Sunday night were four separate shootings. Two people were gunned down.

Now, some Detroiters are fighting back, turning the tables on their attackers and opening fire.

"It's not much crime but we do have crime activity," said Doretha Williams.

Williams lives on the east side. She recently purchased a gun and says she needs the weapon to protect herself and her home.

"I think if somebody tried to come in my house ... I'm going to have to arm myself ... it's just too much, too much invasion and too much is happening to elderly people," she said.

Over the weekend on Abbington, the Defenders are told, a woman was approached by two would-be carjackers. However, she wasn't having it. Instead of handing over her keys she pulled out her gun, firing off several rounds and shooting and killing one of the men.

"I'm really happy that she had a gun on her because if she didn't, I mean, you don't know how things are going to turn out," said a homeowner who lives nearby.