Greeting card maker from Clinton Township shows off talent in Los Angeles

Celebrities starting to take notice of unique greeting cards

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – It starts with a sketch that turns into an idea, with an end result that will get:

"A big laugh hopefully," said Julie Astrauckas. "If I do my job right, that's what should happen, that's always been the goal."

Meet 29-year-old Julie Astrauckas. While she's taken her talents to Los Angeles, Calif., her creativity was born and raised in Clinton Township.

Astrauckas caught the artistic bug early on and the question was always how to put it to good use.

"I thought why not try to make something and sell it," said Astrauckas. "I never imagined I would have my own business, something I never dreamed of."

But born from that unexpected dream was a greeting card superstar. Welcome to Julie Ann Art -- a fun, unique and, let's say, honest way to shake up what you find inside of an envelope.

We've all been there and received that boring birthday card in the mail, but Astrauckas is helping to put greeting cards back on the map. They are so unique even celebrities are starting to take notice.

"I did have this exciting thing happen with Lauren Conrad," said Astrauckus.

Remember LC from the reality shows "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills?"

"Someone randomly gave Lauren one of my cards and she liked it so much that she posted it on her Instagram page," Astrauckus said.

When Astrauckus' "I'm so freakin' happy you were born" card made it on Conrad's Instagram account, an instant success was born. But then someone bigger took notice -- the MTV Movie Awards. They contacted her to provide her greeting cards for the "swag bags" the celebrities will be gifted at the award show.

"I hope Rihanna gets one!" Astrauckus said.

Astrauckus packed up more than 100 sets of her cards and they are now in the hands of one of the biggest award shows on TV.

"The celebs will see products from a few different handmade artists. Hopefully they'll like the JAA swag," said Astrauckus.

To make her business work, this Michigan/LA transplant went from the sketch pad to the Internet, specifically the online shopping network Etsy -- a site where handmade products get a lot of TLC, products Astrauckus hopes will put a smile on your face.

"These cards are all about being honest and individual," said Astrauckus. "I've had people tell me they never want to throw their card away and it ends up in a frame in their house. That's what it's all about, I love helping to create memories."

We're not able to show all of Astrauckus' greeting cards on and Local 4. Want to know why? Check out her Etsty shop.

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