3 adults, 2 children injured in east side shooting

11-year-old struck in front yard

DETROIT – The calm of a Memorial Day long weekend was shattered as a group of four to five men, each armed with a handgun, released a hail of bullets Saturday on Detroit's east side.

Neighbors said they first thought the gunshots were firecrackers. When they realized bullets were flying at them, they either got down to the ground or ran into their homes for cover, grabbing small kids as they ran.

Kareem Taylor was picking up his young children from a friend's home around 4:15 p.m. when a group of men starting spraying the neighborhood with gunfire.

Three homes were hit, one after the next. An 11-year-old named Angel was standing in her front yard when she was shot in the leg.

Inside one of the homes was a 3-year-old child who was hurt by glass that shattered from the bullets.

Angel's father was in the living room when a bullet grazed the back of his neck.

Police said the gunmen were targeting the third house, which they said appears to be drug home. People inside that home returned fire. Three men were injured, one seriously.

Police recovered a handgun from inside that home, but none of the three men who were in the home, involved in the gun fight are talking.

Since the shooters were on foot, police said they believe the men may live in the area.

Neighbors said there had been shots fired on Thursday at the same home.

The chief of police said a family had recently moved out and that there had been problems at the home since the new tenants moved in.

Anyone with any information on this shooting is asked to call local law enforcement.

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