Save your pedicure with 'Pedi Wraps'

Troy's Joanne Hamo is busy these days at her computer working on marketing and selling her new product: Pedi Wraps.

The product, which acts like a fitted plastic bag around your toes, saves your pedicure and prevents smudges.

 "I was in Chicago and got a pedi with mom. Before we left the salon, the manicurist put plastic bags on my toes and said, ‘Go do whatever you want the rest of the day and you will not have any smudging,'" Hamo said. "Within a half hour, I was out the door with these plastic bags on my feet and I thought, ‘Wow, why don't I just invent this myself? Why don't I make them a lot nicer?"

So, she got to work and came up with a style, name and did some product testing with friends.

Now, Pedi Wraps are sold in boutiques across the nation.

"I've  put them in magazines and I've had a very good response through that, a lot of the salons are buying them through the magazines."

Her next goal? Go to more beauty shows and salons.

Pedi Wraps cost $9.99 for 50.