Michigan-based company launches phone case with retractable headphones

Hate it when you dig in your bag for what feels like forever, only to pull out a tangled mess of headphones?

Ann Arbor-based start-up TurtleCell will launch a solution for the frustration of tangled, broken and lost headphones – the first protective case for the iPhone 5 and 5s with retractable headphones. The case will be available for pre-order on June 3 at TurtleCell.com. Pre-orders include a discounted price of $39.95 –  $10 off the full retail price– and will be available in black, grey, red and aqua. All orders will be delivered in October.

TurtleCell is the first case of its kind with premium, in-ear headphones built into the case. The headphones can be extended to any length for convenient, on-the-go listening. When finished, retracting the headphones is simple –  just press the retraction button on the side of the case. With a full-length set of headphones and ample protection, the TurtleCell maintains a thin profile with only 7mm of added thickness.

The headphones come standard with a microphone and full button control for safe, hands-free calling. Utilizing the phone's normal functionality is seamless with the snap of a switch, which allows you to engage or disengage the headphones. Subtle texture combined with a sleek pattern provides an enhanced grip without sacrificing pocketability.

To ensure a full-scale launch, TurtleCell has partnered with Digital Treasures, an established mobile accessories manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Michigan, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. The two companies unveiled the TurtleCell at this year's Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, resulting in huge international interest from retailers. They expect the TurtleCell to available nationwide by the 2014 holiday season

The company, founded by three twenty-somethings passionate about music and exceptional listening quality, was supported by several economic development organizations focused on assisting startups in Michigan including Ann Arbor SPARK, the MSU Innovation Center, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's First Customer Program, which provides services to help startups reach their first customers.

"As a group of audiophiles, we were challenged to meet our own expectations for both sound and aesthetics. After years of development we have something that is truly unique, functional and sexy," said Paul Schrems, co-founder of TurtleCell.

TurtleCell is set on embracing its young startup culture by delivering entertaining content to fans, including WTF's, (short for Weekly Turtle Facts), a live Twitter feed highlighting tangle haters worldwide, and a "Tur-Torial" video. TurtleCell aims to  break the barrier between a product and its consumers through superior customer service, social engagement and fun promotional campaigns.