Man shot to death during attempted carjacking at drive-thru in Detroit

37-year-old man killed outside Church's Chicken on 7 Mile Road near Southfield Freeway

DETROIT – It was 9 p.m. Monday when a man and his wife were at the Church's Chicken drive-thru on 7 Mile Road near the Southfield Freeway in Detroit.

It wasn't even dark yet when a gunman approached 37-year-old Farrad Richmond's car. It's not clear if Richmond tried to put the car in park or reverse to attempt to drive away.

The man with the gun shot Richmond once in the head before fleeing.

"He was one of those guys, if you had a bad day he'd make you have a good day. He always cranked jokes. Now, that's sad. That's real sad," said Richmond's neighbor, Darryle Able. "They are good people. Very good people. The whole block, you know, they look out for one another. They're outstanding people."

The frustration for people living in the area is that even if you do all the right things, you can't seem to escape the violence.

"It's like we're living in a desert storm. That's just it. You gotta go for what you know. Plain and simple," said Able. "You never see it coming. What can you do? That's it, everyday we wake up it's something. You can never wake up in peace."

Police are looking for someone to come forward with information to help catch the killer.

There are no surveillance cameras at the Church's Chicken, but police are checking with nearby businesses.

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