Police respond to 'swatting' call at West Bloomfield condos

Police say man claimed to have shot wife, neighbor


WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. – Police in West Bloomfield responded to a "swatting" call Tuesday afternoon at a home near Orchard Lake and Lone Pine roads.

Police say a man at the Foxpointe Condominiums called police and said he shot his wife with an AK-47. He also said he took his neighbor hostage, and then shot his neighbor.

The man was streaming the messages on a website.

None of it was true. No shots were heard. Police say it was a case of "swatting," which is when someone pranks law enforcement to get a massive response.

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While police didn't know the validity of the call, the caller got the massive law enforcement response he likely was looking for.

Police set up a secure perimeter around the home, treating it as a possible hostage situation. They were taking all precautions as they responded with a lot of officers and emergency personnel.

No one has been taken into custody while police work to identify the caller.


Police blocked off a driveway at the Foxpointe Condominiums.



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