Police ask cruisers early for Woodward Dream Cruise to leave

Royal Oak officials say some businesses given city power of attorney

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – The official start of the Woodward Dream Cruise isn't for another week, but the cruisers are already popping up on Woodward -- so are police.

Don Vargas said he just couldn't wait.

"This is the biggest and baddest motor," said Vargas. "It's just that thrill. It's the rush."

But some cruisers said this year police are showing their muscle early, too.

"Police asked us to leave," said Vargas. "Don't know why."

Local 4 cameras were rolling as Royal Oak officers made these folks clear this parking lot at Woodward and 13 Mile Road.

Royal Oak officials told Local 4 some businesses along Woodward have given the city power of attorney, meaning police can ask cruisers to leave the property, unless it's a business like one who welcomes the early company.