Fernando Palazuelo set to begin Packard Plant revitalization


DETROIT – Packard Plant owner Fernando Palazuelo admits his title to the property was under attack, but following a settlement with a former owner, it is his beyond dispute.

He then paid the property's overdue tax bill, as a symbol of his seriousness to revitalizing the massive industrial ruin.

"I am proud to be a taxpayer," said Palazuelo. "We paid nearly $100,000. It makes me feel more like a member of the community."

He's applied for constructing permits and construction cranes may begin work to bring down or stabilize dangerous parts of the structure in the next two weeks.

They will clear debris and make the projects exterior suitable for viewing.

"We must change the image of the area with gardens and landscaping," he said.

The old Packard offices will be the first to get reconditioned and marketed, as new office space. However, first the developer will beautify the building's most enduring symbol -- it's calling card -- the bridge over the boulevard.