Chuck Gaidica


DETROIT – The familiar face of Chuck Gaidica brought you the latest weather reports every weekday at 4, 5, 6 and 11 p.m. on Local 4 News for 27 years, but in August 2014 he transitioned to a new role at Local 4. Chuck is now heading a community-based effort we're calling Force 4 Good.

In his new role, Chuck will bring you special reports on the good work being done to make southeast Michigan a better place to live. Chuck plans to travel around the metro Detroit community to shine a spotlight on the people and programs that are truly acting as a Force 4 Good in our neighborhoods.

Chuck began at WDIV as Director of Meteorology in 1987. He's been voted the top weathercast in town year after year in the "Metro Times - Best of Detroit" edition and has won 3 Emmy awards.

Chuck says that doing the weather on NBC's "Today Show" ranks as Chuck's proudest professional accomplishments. Chuck is also proud of his inventions -- including the always popular "Cuddle Alert!"

Chuck is an adventurer. He has flown through the eye of a hurricane, chased and "caught" a tornado and been on several adventures.

Chuck accompanied Dr. Bob Ballard who discovered the Titanic on two 10-day expeditions. Chuck lived and broadcast from the Amazon jungle where he lived in the rain forest. He also spent 10-days in Hawaii and broadcast from the top of Mt. Kilauea. Chuck has also lived and studied in Israel and Jordan for nearly a month.

Even though Chuck is a private, instrument rated pilot, he says the best flying adventures have included the hurricane trip, aerobatic flying, flying a B-25 bomber over Pontiac and flying with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels to 20,000 feet in 20-seconds.

Chuck has been to The White House for a conference on climate change. He is a member of the National Weather Association and the recipient of the Silver Circle Award from the national Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Tidbits you might not know about Chuck:

  • He doodles by sketching cars.
  • He started out in college to be a doctor. I was enrolled in pre-med at Loyola University-Chicago. Nothing against doctors, I changed my mind. It worked out fine!
  • While working at CBS and NBC in New York, Chuck worked with anchors Diane Sawyer, Maria Shriver, Bob Shieffer, Phyllis George, Bill Curtis and others.
  • Chuck loves Girl Scout cookies, especially Thin Mints.
  • Chuck's favorite coffee is Tim Hortons

If you would like to contact Chuck you can email him at chuckg@wdiv.com.

Other ways to contact Chuck:

Facebook: Chuck Gaidica


  • Vacation spot: Harbor Springs
  • Favorite book: The Bible
  • Favorite movie: The Usual Suspects
  • Favorite Song: Fantasy-Earth, Wind & Fire