Violent chaos at northwest Detroit vigil kills more loved ones

33-year-old Kercilla Reed among those killed in violence on Patton Street


DETROIT – It was violent, chaotic and deadly.

What broke out at a vigil Thursday night on Patton Street in Detroit has family members searching for answers and searching to find out if their loved ones who were there are OK.

"I'm in shock, getting the call saying that my kid's been shot," said Tomeka Reed, whose son is in police custody. "Both of my sons was gone, but I found one of them and I don't know where the other one is right now."

What is known is that 33-year-old Kercilla Reed is dead, but she was not shot to death.

Kercilla Reed
Kercilla Reed

-- Kercilla Reed

At the home on Patton, police say two groups of people gathered to honor someone who was killed earlier this week. People were drinking, then arguing and soon people began shooting inside the home.

"So it appears that everybody involved in the incident last night were in fact acquainted," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Detroit police officers were nearby and saw people running from the home to retrieve guns from cars. More shots were fired at the cars and from the cars. Reed was in one of the cars which crashed after a brief pursuit. She was killed in the crash. A man in the car is now brain dead as a result of his injuries.


Four other people suffered gunshot wounds. Those involved continued to fight at the hospital.

"I will tell you that we've gotten very little cooperation from the people involved in it and so we've done a very thorough look, trying to piece together the events from last night," said Craig.

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