6 teens hospitalized so far from 'Cloud 9' drug

Dangerous synthetic drug legal, can be purchased at many gas stations

FRASER, Mich. – More and more high school kids are getting their hands on a synthetic drug known on the street as "Cloud 9."

"It has the same affects as cocaine, meth and ecstasy," said Fraser Public Safety Director George Rouhib. "A person can basically have a heart attack."

Rouhib said it's being purchased at many gas stations, but it's not visible to the public as tenants keep it behind the counter.

"They're putting drops on their tongue, or mixing drops with chewing gum candy and soft drinks," said Rouhib.

Police said the students are also using e-cigarettes to vaporize "Cloud 9."

It's the latest, extremely dangerous synthetic drug and it's completely legal, but word is traveling to store owners about how dangerous it is.

Rouhib said in the past few months they've had five teenagers to overdose on "Cloud 9." Just this past Monday two students at John Glenn High School were rushed to the hospital after ingesting the drug. Four students from Salem High School in Canton were also taken to the hospital.

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Fraser officials are meeting with other law enforcement leaders Thursday in hopes to bring "Cloud 9" down.