Flashpoint: Examining new Detroit, Thanksgiving parade plans

Bloggers talk about issues facing Detroit


DETROIT – In this week's edition of Flashpoint, Devin Scillian meets with two local bloggers who have recently garnered attention with their writings about the "New Detroit."

During Flashpoint's first segment, the two bloggers joined the panel to discuss their differing viewpoints.

Author Kelly Guillory and It In The D partner David Phillips have taken greatly opposing stances on the ideals of race in Detroit, and Devin delved into their differences and gets to the bottom of what Detroit needs going forward.

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You can watch that first segment with Guillory and Phillips in the video above.

In the second segment, Guillory and Phillips return to talk about other pressing issues in Detroit, like how the negative aspects of the city's past need to be discussed, not ignored.

As the city tries to move forward, Guillory thinks ugly times in the past must be addressed before Detroiters can start with a new slate. Phillips thinks that while people have to remember what happens in the past, it's necessary to put toxic events behind us and move forward.