'Caregiver' charged after elderly man loses his life savings


NOVI, Mich. – Anthony Beard did not want to face Local 4 cameras.

Instead, the 52-year-old sent a woman from inside his Novi apartment to do the talking for him.

However, Beard will have to answer to a judge Thursday morning. He is accused of 12 felony crimes:

- 5 counts of uttering and publishing (check forging)
- Embezzlement
- Identity theft
- Possessing a financial transaction device (stolen ATM card)

His alleged victim is a defenseless, homebound 86-year-old man who hired Beard as his caregiver.

Westland police say Beard stole the man's entire life savings. The victim told Local 4 that Beard stole $70,000 from his account. His credit cards were maxed out and he's still getting bills.

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