Sneak-peek at DSO's 'Symphony in D'

DETROIT – To hear a symphony is to experience art with your ears, feel drama, excitement, and live through a story with music and sound.

If you were to tell the story of Detroit, what would it sound like? Composer Tod Machover wants to know.

Since November, Machover, a professor of music and media from the MIT Media Lab, has been collecting the sounds of metro Detroit for his commissioned composition called "Symphony in D."

Volunteers have been sending Machover sounds and suggestions.

Last week, he met with musicians from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to discuss progress on the symphony. It will premiere at Orchestra Hall on Nov. 20.

How you can collaborate on the symphony

Machover is anxious to hear from as many Detroiters as possible.  And it's easy to contact him and send in sounds. 

Just download the "Symphony In D" app, record a sound and send it.

The app, Symphony In D, is available for free download now in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

You may also email each sound you record in a separate email to the MIT Media Lab at Include your name, email, recording location, and any relevant details about your sound in your message.

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