Decision expected Monday in violent Inkster police arrest

Worthy to also rule on charges against Floyd Dent


HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – On Monday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy plans to announce whether Inkster officers who violently beat a man during an arrest in January will face charges.

Another important decision: will Floyd Dent, the man who was arrested and beaten by police, have his charges dropped? A second video that showed him being roughed up in jail after being beaten on the streets was just released.

Video: Violent traffic stop in Inkster caught on tape

The traffic stop happened in January, but the Local 4 Defenders have been on the case for weeks after obtaining a copy of the dash cam video that shows Dent being beaten in the middle of the road after a traffic stop.

Worthy will decide whether the actions by police in that video warrant criminal charges.

New video that was released by the Defenders shows Dent inside the jail. In the video, he is stripped down to his underwear and searched. At one point, an officer gives Dent a paper towel to wipe the blood off of his forehead.


The public outcry began after the dash cam video showed two officers pulling Dent out of his car and throwing him on the ground. Then, officer William Melendez punched Dent 16 times while keeping him in a choke hold.

Watch: Floyd Dent aces lie detector test connected to violent arrest

Dent suffered four broken ribs and a fractured orbital in the beating.

Melendez has since been fired by the Inkster Police Department, but was hired as a part-time officer in Highland Park.

Officers claim they found crack cocaine in Dent's car, but he says they planted it there.


Worthy's decision will determine whether Melendez will face criminal charges for his actions.

The news conference is set for 11 a.m. Monday.