Hostage situation on Detroit's west side ends in exchange of fire

All hostages released unharmed, gunman dead


DETROIT – The hostage situation that developed on Detroit's west side Saturday morning came to a close with one officer injured and the gunman killed, according to Detroit police.

The situation began around 7:30 a.m. on the 13300 block of Strathmoor Street where Caso Jackson, 25, barricaded himself in a home and held hostages.


An exchange of fire occurred between police and Jackson when he jumped from the home's front porch with a shotgun firing at officers.

"Tragic outcome today," said Police Chief James Craig. "One of our SWAT officers received a gunshot wound as a result of the standoff."

Chief Craig said that the officer was shot in the face and was transported to the hospital but that it looks like the officer will be OK.

All of the hostages were released unharmed.

Jackson was pronounced dead at the hospital.

It all started early Saturday morning when Jackson went to his mother-in-law's home at Freeland Street and Grand River Avenue looking for his wife, Malikh Jackson. Shots were fired at the home and the mother-in-law was hit by flying glass and taken to the hospital.

"I heard the first shot, so I immediately grabbed her and we both fell on the floor," said Kelvin Warren Sr., Malikh's father. "He'd been threatening us for the past three weeks. He told my wife, 'I'm going to save a place in hell for you'."

Jackson then went to his wife's home on Strathmoor Street where he took her and four other family members hostage, including two children.

"He busted through the window and then he had us hostage in the room," said Amon Warren, 15, hostage and son of Malikh. "He just said, 'Say goodbye to your mama', and to take care of my little sister."

Police said the gunman had at least two guns and that he was pointing them at officers from inside the home.

Chief Craig said that he thought negotiations were going well and that the gunman had agreed to come out of the home and surrender.

Instead the man jumped off the front porch wearing an army fatigue jacket and firing a shotgun at officers.

Officers fired back at the suspect and he was transported to the hospital where he died.

"We're just glad she's okay and the kids are safe," said Tyana Stokes, a family friend. "He was harassing other people in her family and stuff like that."

Police said it appears to have stemmed from a domestic issue and that the wife has a personal protection order against her husband.

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