Flashpoint: What does Detroit need to be 'great'?

DETROIT – What does it take to make a truly great and livable city? One of the world's foremost experts on the issue, Gil Penalosa, joined Flashpoint this week to discuss the issue.

Penalosa thinks Detroit has what it takes to become a great city, with some work.

"Actually, Detroit has a wonderful opportunity, precisely because it has some gigantic roads that were built for the city of 2 million people, and now you've got 700 thousand," Penalosa said. "So many of the roads have more than enough space to create better sidewalks for people walking, to create bike lanes, to make more people oriented."

Penalosa talked about the opportunity Detroit has and what changes need to happen.

You can watch the entire conversation with Penalosa in the video posted above.

In the second segment, a roundtable discussion attempted to tackle many of the issues from this past week in Detroit.

First, the panel talked about the incident that involved a police chase suspect hitting five children and killing two. The experts talked about what should happen in the event of a police chase.

Kim Trent, Wayne State University Governor, thinks it's a no-win situation for police.

"Their job is to protect the public," Trent said. "And obviously these people are a menace, or at least what they're accused of, they are very dangerous and have a record of doing things...But you do have to be very cognoscente of the impact this can have on these innocent children."

Political consultant Adolph Mongo, Republican strategist Paul Welday and Detroit News Editorial Page Director Nolan Finley also weighed in on the issue.

Devin also asked the panel about the future of violence in Detroit, which has seen the rate of murders start to rise again.

You can see the full conversation in the video posted below.


In the final segment, Devin says thank you to Roger Weber, who is retiring after 37 years of reporting. Click on the video below to see Devin's statement to Roger.