Pet supplies store catches fire in Highland Township

HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A pet food and supplies store called "Highland Feed and Supply" at 217 E. Livingston Road in Highland Township caught fire Sunday, according to the Oakland County Sheriff.

The feed store has been open for over 100 years according to its website.

The owner of the store, Mike Maher, said he was getting ready for church when he was told to get to the store right away.

"Oh it was awful," Maher said. "This is our life's investment here."

Water had to be trucked in to the location, making it impossible to save the business.

Mike and Debbie Maher put everything they had into their feeds store, but the family business is now gone. And 110 years of Highland history are gone with it.

"It was the train station, it was the dance hall, a tavern and then 50-60 years it's been in the feed industry," Mike Maher said.

The couple still sells feed all over the area, and the town turned out to let them know everyone is still behind them.

"They're awesome, all of our customers, neighbors, it's awesome," Debbie Maher said.

The main building was completely destroyed in the fire. The owner was told that the fire could be seen in the office.

The good news: Firefighters got the store rabbit, Champ, out just in time. You can see a picture of the rescued rabbit below.

Maher says he'll be in business somehow, someway on Monday morning. He'll be selling feed.

"Out of semi trailers," he said. "We want to be right back in business."

The family released the following statement on the Highland Feed & Supply Facebook page:

"Awful day for our family our customers and our community. The historic Highland Feed building is completely destroyed by fire. Valiant effort by 9 communities to try to save the structure. No hydrants or water in this section of Downtown Highland made it almost impossible to fight the fire.

Please be patient with us as we regroup and rebuild. We will be available immediately at my cell phone 248-508-8530. We aren't going anywhere but this will take a while to get back to normal

Everyone is safe. Incredible effort by the firefighters and awesome support from neighbors and community

Pray for a blessing to come out of this tragedy.

The Maher Family"

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office will investigate the cause of the fire.

Livingston Road and Milford Road were closed because of the fire, but all roads have since reopened.

You can see pictures of the flames in the slideshow below.

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