Local seniors helping other seniors

Nursing homes and hospice care are some of the more common options when it comes to care for our senior population.

Believe it or not, there's a number of well-abled seniors who have dedicated their time to help others in their age group who need a little extra care.

It's making a world of difference. It's mid-morning and Pat Luis is up and at ‘em.

First she makes the makes the bed, does the laundry and then makes fresh pot of coffee.

But she's not doing this at her home and no she's not the housekeeper. She's caring for 86 year old Louis Bower.

"I come in three days a week twice in the morning," said Luis.

Oh and did we mention, she herself is 75 years old?

Pat is a caregiver for Seniors Helping Seniors, providing in home care to Metro Detroit senior citizens.

"We understand a little bit of what they're going through because we're kind of in the same boat," said Luis.

"We're approaching those things that we used to do so easily but now we're taking a little bit longer to do and we're there to kinda help with whatever they need."

"Oh, I think it's wonderful," said Bower. "I can see in my failings that I forget things."

Louis Bower can barely get around without his walker and has early signs of dementia. Having Pat come in several times a week to help with everyday life tasks makes things easier for him.

Not to mention, since he lives alone, now he has someone to chat with.

"Same age, a younger person hasn't had the same experiences," said Bower.

"He and I will go back and forth kibitzing and doing different things and we talk a lot," said Luis.

Seniors Helping Seniors' Metro Detroit headquarters is in Lake Orion managed by Dawn Neely and her husband. For them it's not just a business, it's a passion.

"We care very much about the fact that not only are we finding ourselves able to provide a service that's so necessary for our senior community at this time, we're also providing an opportunity for our active seniors in our community to really give meaning and purpose to their day," said Neely.

"It kind of gives me a very comforting feeling and it makes me feel good that I am able to do this," said Luis.

"I'm grateful that I'm still able to be doing all the things I do and like I say I understand that that may be me and hopefully I can find somebody like seniors helping seniors if and when that point comes."

And until that time, Pat continues to enjoy the time she spends helping and chatting with Louis and others she cares for.

Through Seniors Helping Seniors many have even formed friendships beyond the care they receive.

"People tend to stay away from older people and they need somebody to just touch your hand or give you a hug and I think that's important," she added.

Seniors Helping Seniors has caregivers that can help with a number of different services. Since most seniors are on a fixed income, they charge by the hour with services ranging from $19-$23 per hour.

For more information, please visit: http://www.seniorshelpingseniors.com/




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