Ex-staffer: Husband discovered Todd Courser-Cindy Gamrat affair in February

Joshua Cline says lawmakers behaved 'unprofessionally'


Royal Oak, Mich. – A former staffer for state representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat claims Gamrat's husband caught the two lawmakers at a Lansing hotel in February.

Joshua Cline spoke out about the controversy involving the conservative Republican representatives Monday during a news conference at a Royal Oak law firm.

Cline said Joe Gamrat called him the morning of the conformation and told him the whole story. Cline claimed Cindy Gamrat arrived at the office that day looking "disheveled" and "smelling of alcohol." According to Cline, Gamrat and Courser spent much of the day alone in their office.

He also claimed both Courser and Gamrat regularly showed a "complete disrespect" for their staff and constituents. Cline said this behavior led him to resign from their staff.

Cline asserted that both lawmakers behaved unprofessionally on a number of occasions. He said they skipped meetings with lobbyists and constituents to spend time alone together in their office. Cline also said he witnessed what he described as "romantic" hugs between the two. Courser, according to Cline, would take naps on the floor of Gamrat's private office.

Cline declined to answer any questions about whether or not he was asked to use public resources or his work time to help cover up his employers' affair. He said he wanted to speak with investigators before commenting publicly.