'White Boy Rick' Wershe faces major setback

DETROIT – "White Boy" Rick Wershe was hit with a set back in Michigan as his hopes of being resentenced and released next Friday disappeared with a stay order from the court of appeals.

The stay gives both sides more time to argue why Wershe does or does not deserve to be resentenced after 28 years in prison after being convicted on drug charges when he was 17. Even worse news for Wershe is coming from Florida as the state's Department of Corrections says it intends to come to Michigan and pick up Wershe and return him to Florida for a 2-to-5-year jail sentence for his part in a car theft ring.

"My reaction is, I think someone told them to come and get me because they don't want me out of prison," said Wershe.

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Local 4 spoke with Wershe by phone from his prison in northern Michigan. He said while in prison he introduced people to each other who ended up getting involved in stolen cars and that the people who were actually involved with the stolen cars never went to jail.

"I never received a dime from anything from that," he said. "The people that I introduced got probation and I got 60 months for it."

Wershe is disappointed in the delay here in Michigan but is confident he will win his release.

"I was never formally resentenced, and under the law I am entitled to be formally resentenced. I was a juvenile," he said.