Detroit police bust chop shop suspected in Dream Cruise car thefts

6 arrests made

Detroit police have busted a chop shop on the city's west side.
Detroit police have busted a chop shop on the city's west side.

DETROIT – Police have busted a chop shop suspected of being involved in car thefts during this year's Woodward Dream Cruise.

Detroit police made six arrests -- three men and three teens -- Thursday afternoon, three of them at a home on Cheyenne Street on the city's west side. They are looking for one more suspect.

There was no sign of the stolen 1966 Chevelle or the 1966 Corvette, but police believe they have the people responsible for stealing the classic cars.

The chop shop also is suspected in the theft of a Camaro, which belonged to the owner of Papa John's pizza shops. That car was dumped, likely due to the attention it got.

Sgt. Jonathan Parnell said police were able to locate a person through prints on the stolen Camero.

"We were able to locate him at his residence where there was another chop shop," Parnell said.

Police also found parts from stolen Chevrolet Trailblazers at the chop chop. The vehicles were new and belonged to Dearborn plant employees.

"This is a bigger problem than the Dream Cruise," Parnell said. "We feel this is a bigger problem for Dearborn and thefts within the Ford lot out there in Dearborn."

Police think the six people arrested had a hand in stealing Trailblazer SSs from the plant parking lot for their high-performance engines.