'Funland' in Canton Township closes suddenly


CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Funland was a popular party destination for children in Canton Township and a hot spot for parents planning kiddie parties.

It suddenly closed this month. Parties that were planned had to be canceled at the last minute. Some customers were out cash. They contacted the Local 4 Defenders for help.


A sign on the building indicates Funland is open. However, the place is locked up. Customers say the only place they could find any information on the closure is on the company's Facebook page. The post was made Monday, Sept. 28.

Customer shares her story

"I go there, and she tells me, 'We're open at 10 o'clock.' I go there and she says, 'This is what we have and these are the dates,' and I said, 'Well, can I have Sept. 19?' because my daughter's birthday is Sept. 18," said Jennifer Flowers.

Flowers booked a party at Funland for her daughter Jordan. She paid $120 in cash to cover renting the space. She got busy sending out the invitations. However, on the morning of Sept. 19, her friends who arrived for the birthday party started calling her.

"I'm in the car and I'm getting my daughter excited and I'm like, 'It's your birthday, honey, and you're gonna have another party and everyone's waiting on you.' She had a special outfit on and everything. We get there and some of the mothers start calling me and saying, 'Are you sure this is the right place?'" said Flowers.

Funland was closed. There was no sign, no information and no call ahead. Flowers, her daughter and the guests were left in the parking lot. The party at Funland was not happening.

"I called them. The phone is disconnected. So my heart is just beating because I'm like, 'What am I about to walk into right now?'" said Flowers.

Owner says customers will get money back

Flowers, like some of the customers who posted comments on the Facebook page, couldn't get answers. They couldn't get in touch with the owner, Sumera Rizvi, and they couldn't get their cash back. Local 4 went to Rizvi's home and later made contact with her on the phone.

She promised everyone who reached out to her will get a full refund.

Flowers already got a call telling her the refund is on it's way.

"I want my money. I need my money," she said.

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