EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: EMT Kelly Adams speaks out after attack


ROCHESTER, Mich. – Her friends and Detroit EMS colleagues came together for a fundraiser at the Rochester Beer Company and the outpouring was amazing. Hundreds packed the restaurant, and those who have had a chance to meet Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas know why.

Both were attacked while out on a run in October. Both were repeatedly stabbed with a box cutter; Kelly nearly died and the injuries to her face are major. She hasn't spoken publicly until now.

"This is all fixable," Adams said as she gestured toward her face. "I don't know where my head's at but today I can say I'm alright."

Adams remembers everything: the run, the man who attacked them, getting punched and being repeatedly stabbed.

"It didn't hurt but I remember it because he punched me first," Adams said.

She wants to go back to work and so does her partner, but she also wants the public to know that what happened to them is not an anomaly and Detroit EMTs are in harm's way more often than not.

"We fight all the time, it just never makes it to the TV because it never gets this far."

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