Fake police raid in Detroit ends with Christmas presents stolen

DETROIT – Tanya Davis was home alone Saturday morning. She was trying to get some extra rest after spending time in the hospital for her seizures.

It was 8:30 a.m. when the rear door to her Southwest Detroit home was busted in and four men came through screaming that it was a police raid.

Davis wasn't fully awake. The next thing she knew they had put a pillowcase over her head and tied her up with duct tape.

They told her to shut her mouth or they'd rape her.

By then it was pretty clear they weren't police officers.

While she couldn't see, she could hear.

"I heard the Christmas presents getting unwrapped and I kept begging them 'Please whatever you want to do to me, just leave my kids their Christmas presents,'" Davis said.

They didn’t stop there, ransacking her closets and stealing shoes, clothes and watches.

They left with everything under the tree except one gift—a box of blocks.

Apparently the thieves were sloppy when they were unwrapping the gift to see what it was and Detroit police have managed to get a print off of it.

Davis hopes that print is in the system.

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