Pizza manager opens fire during attempted robbery in Detroit

DETROIT – The manager of a Dearborn pizzeria who opened fire during an attempted robbery during a delivery in Detroit was released uncharged.

“Something I never want to go through again,” said the manager. “It’s not a good feeling, but if I didn’t have my weapon I would’ve been dead and she would’ve been dead.”

The shooting happened Wednesday night on Kentucky Avenue.

The manager of 7 Star Pizza in Dearborn went with Katrina Weatherbee, the delivery driver. The pizzeria sends pairs for deliveries in Detroit.

They arrived to find a vacant home and an attempted robbery.

“I didn’t want to have to shoot this guy, but I’m glad I did it because Katrina is OK.”

A man came out from the side of the house with a gun assisted by a laser sight.

“He pointed it at her,” said the manager. “He starts moving toward her and that’s when I yelled, ‘Put the gun down, put the gun down.'”

The manager has a concealed pistol license.

“He swung the laser toward me and I took my shots and he opened fire as well,” said the manager.

Weatherbee was hit in the backside and the manager had a close call with a bullet grazing his jacket.

“Everybody should have a CPL, because if you have a CPL you can defend yourself,” said the manager. “If you have a CPL, you are not going to go around doing bad things. People who are going to shoot you don’t have CPLs and they will carry a weapon regardless.”

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