Man shot, killed inside Dearborn Heights Police Department

Man shot during confrontation with security guard

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – A man was shot and killed Thursday inside the Dearborn Heights Police Department after he threatened a security guard with a knife.

The man was going through a security point when an altercation broke out between himself and a security guard. At some point the man lunged at the guard and was shot.

He has been identified as 48-year-old Mark David Henning, of Dearborn Heights. 

Police: Man armed with kitchen knife

At about 8:45 a.m., the man sidestepped the security system in the building and charged toward a security guard with a kitchen knife. The guard was "forced to use force," police said. 

At that time people were entering through the main entrance of the building to go to either the 20th District Courthouse or the Police Department. The shooting sparked a lockdown of the entire building. 

"I thought there was some big trouble when I saw them go in with big guns, not just little ones," said Sherry Matthews, who was on her way to the courthouse when the shooting happened. 

Police quickly secured the area.

"It is a crime scene investigation," said Cpl. Robert Poshaldo. "Everything is secure inside. Everyone is OK inside."

The 20th District Courthouse was closed for the rest of the day. Some people at the courthouse were held for many hours for questioning. It was all part of a normal investigation, police said. No arrests were made. The man was acting alone. 

Nearby Westwood Cyber High School and Daly Elementary were on lockdown for about an hour as a precaution.