Cancer patient left stranded

LIVONIA, Mich. – Albina Balkus, 79, is suffering from cancer. She relies on a company called Logisticare Solutions to get rides to the doctor’s office. She was left stranded Tuesday.

Logisticare Solutions is a Southfield based transport company paid millions by Medicare to give people like Balkus non-emergency transportation.

“I didn’t eat or drink anything,” Balkus said.

Julie Bucko works in the doctor’s office and she said she’s called them time and time again. Tuesday, she called Local 4.

“If they’re doing it here, how many other offices are they doing it to?” Bucko said. “How many people are abandoned?”

Bucko is furious that other seniors have been left stranded by Logisticare.

“This is wrong,” Balkus said. “They’re not operating properly. If they don’t want to operate properly, don’t operate at all.”

Logisticare’s current contract with Medicare and Michigan shows it gets $60.3 million to transport people in need; people who are being stranded.

Local 4 received an automated message from Logisticare when contacted for comment.

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