Former LogistiCare employee claims company knowingly left seniors stranded

Ride provider has $60 million contract with state of Michigan

WARREN, Mich. – She quit her job at LogistiCare because, she says, she couldn't take the feeling she got at 5 p.m. every day. 

She said the phones at the company were turned off everyday at 5 p.m. and employees went home knowing sick and elderly people were left stranded by the company at doctor's appointments with no one coming to pick them up. 

She wished not to be identified in this story. 

"It's just terrible," she said. 

Local 4 broke this story earlier this week after hearing from many people who said they were left stranded by LogistiCare. The company has a $60 million contract with the state of Michigan to provide rides to Medicaid recipients. Clients told Local 4 they've been stranded time and again by LogistiCare. 

Local 4 also is hearing from inside the company. One current employee said LogistiCare out-sources to small transportation companies to provide the rides. 

One of the companies is run out of a home in Warren. It's comprised of one man providing rides for LogistiCare with a van. 

The current LogistiCare employee blames those smaller companies for horrible service. The employee wrote to Local 4:

"There's really no consequences for their actions and they're never penalized."

The state of Michigan is investigating. 

About the Author:

Local 4 Defender Shawn Ley is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has been with Local 4 News for more than a decade.