New developments arise in Detroit Public Schools teachers' protest

DETROIT – Teacher protests prompted Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Emergency Manager Darnell Earley to sue the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) union, former president and activist Steve Conn and DFT President Ivy Bailey.

Suprisingly, Bailey said she doesn't belong on the suit.

"I support the teachers. I stand by them, but I did not organize that action and didn't agree with the action," said Bailey.

She claims the teachers alone organized the rebellion and they did it for a good reason.

"They're saying we're not doing what's right for the kids. But are we helping the kids if we don't say anything about the conditions they are learning in?" said Bailey.

On Monday morning they will take the case before a judge. Meanwhile, the Michigan legislature is looking to close the no-strike loophole the teachers exploited with a newly strengthened law preventing any kind of teacher strike.

NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony convened Detroit pastors outside DPS headquarters on Friday demanding an end to both of those responses. 

"They should be supported, not deported to a system of retribution and punishment for actions trying to shine a light on a very socially dim and politically ugly situation," he said.

Earley agrees it's an ugly situation.

"I want teachers to be where they are being paid to be, and that is in the classrooms providing services to the students," he said.

Local 4 sat down with Earley on Friday to hear his perspective.

"This is a very frustrating situation for a lot of people, but making this worse for the students does not resolve the issue," he said.

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