Michigan to work with US on Flint water issue

Residents hope for a better city

FLINT, Mich. – Michigan's top environmental officer has told his U.S. counterpart the state will comply with an order to ensure safe operation of Flint's drinking water and protect public health. However, he challenges the legality of the federal government's demands.

Department of Environmental Quality Director Keith Creagh wrote in a letter Friday to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy that the state will work with her department and city of Flint. But in the response required by Friday, he added, "the state has complied with every recent demand" of the EPA.

He writes the state intends to "fully outline" its "legal and factual concerns with the order."

As multiple investigations continue to unfold, residents of Flint are going about their daily lives which now includes stopping by water pick-up centers.

National Guardsman continue to work water pick-up stations at fire departments throughout the city helping residents get water to their cars.

Many residents are not ready to give up on Flint.

"I'm hopeful because this is my home," said retired teacher and Flint resident Artie Tyler. "I'm hopeful because I was born and raised here. I know what Flint is about. For 58 years I've lived my life here."

Tyler had many opportunities to move on. She never took them and she's not going to now.

“Nobody can stay down always,” Tyler said. “Everything is a full circle.”

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