Injured hawk discovered in downtown Detroit

DETROIT – An injured hawk was discovered Thursday evening in downtown Detroit.

The sharp shinned hawk was found at the corner of Griswold and Fort streets.

“I just walked by the crosswalk and it flew away and into the window,” Ashra Fulhaque said.

Valets at the Penobscot Building noticed the hawk on the sidewalk and saw it was bleeding.

"We started calling up the animal shelter, the humane society, vets in the area that could look at it and most of them were closed and DNR didn't respond," valet Mushfiqu Choudury said. "I decided to just go on Google and find somewhere that would look at the animal.

Choudury and Ashraf Zaman took the hawk to Advance Animal Emergency Hospital in Mt. Clemons. The bird broke a talon and the vet used medical glue to fix it.

"There's nothing broken as far as wings, legs," veterinarian Jill Pasternak said.

The vet plans to release the bird downtown Friday morning.

"We were glad to be able to help," Zaman said. "It's nice that we can find a place that are willing to help and places that are trying to help animals and releasing them back into the wild. This is a great thing. That is a great thing about America."

A GoFundMe is set up for Wildlife Rehabilitation which is taking care of the hawk tonight. Spirit Filled Wings is a non profit providing rehabilitation for orphaned or injured birds of prey.

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