Man convicted in Southgate murders: I can't explain why I did it

Ex-convict Antoine Beck guilty in deaths of Courtney Durr, Sumari Das

DETROIT – An ex-convict says he doesn't have an explanation for why he killed a Southgate mother and her 10-year-old son. 

“I couldn’t even try to explain why I did it," Antoine Beck told a judge on Wednesday. 

Beck pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the deaths of Courtney Durr, 28, and her son, Sumari Das. Their bodies were found in June 2015 at the La Colonnade Apartments. Police said Beck strangled the boy and stabbed his mother to death. 

“I’ll never try to fight or deny my wrongful actions. I plan on doing the time," Beck said. He also apologized to Durr's family and his own. He said he hopes to eventually be forgiven. 

“I think you are completely empty inside," Judge Thomas Cameron told Beck. 

Cameron sentenced Beck to 45 to 70 years in prison. 

Beck's criminal record includes armed robbery, for which he spent a decade in prison. 

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