Witnesses describe the scene near the Melvindale gas explosion site

Some thought the explosion was from a plane crashing nearby

Photo credit: Branden Bright
Photo credit: Branden Bright

MELVINDALE, Mich. – Witnesses described what they saw last night near the gas explosion in Melvindale which happened around 3 a.m., early Saturday morning.  

Before news broke about the explosion coming from a ruptured gas line,witnesses say their initial thoughts after hearing the blast with was thinking it was anything from a plane crash, to a terrorist attack.

Here's what a few people had to say about the scene last night on our Facebook page:

"Woke me up out of a dead sleep. Shook the house. Sounded like we were being bombed. You could hear the gas burning. Thought it was the refinery." - Elizabeth K.

"It was nuts. From Dearborn (Monroe St near Outer dr), I thought it was rolling thunder. Then, I thought it was an airplane. It didn't stop. We went outside in my front yard with other neighbors and the sky was flashing (a pulsating light) and was lit up. I've never seen nor heard anything like this." - Laura G.

"I live 5 houses from the train tracks and thought either he trains exploded or a plane crashed. Praying everyone is ok" - Erica C.

"I live in Ecorse Michigan. 2:40 a.m.Woke up by an big explosion, I thought we was at War. Drove up to Fort Street and Outer Drive Sky was orange Everything was shaking and everybody was out Like it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon" - Rodney D.

"It woke me up at about 3 am and I live in Dearborn Heights and the sky was orange right out my front door, I thought it was a plane crash."- Ann P.

"I thought it was an airplane to because it shook my apartment building doing at Fort St. & Southfield Rd., in Lincoln Park, Mi. I was so scared. The walls shook"- Jennifer T

"I happened to be awake at 3am when it happened. It was the loudest explosion I can ever remember hearing. Here in Lincoln Park, my windows rattled and the shock wave blew my curtains inward. I went outside and saw flames at least 200 feet in the air."  - Patsy R

"I was on 94 when it happened. All I heard was boom from the freeway. And then once I got over to metro airport I could still see the smoke and flames. I was like (what) was that! Did we just get nuked or something!" -Jamie A.

"I live in River Rouge down by the Jefferson Ave bridge - it woke me up, shook my house really bad, blinds on my windows blew inside my house as if a very strong wind blew them inside. My dogs were barking. I heard the explosion & loud hissing noise for several minutes. I also smelled a strong fuel smell & saw the flames from my front porch." -Debbie L.

Some witnesses shared photos with us from there scene:

No injuries have been reported from the facility site, but the driver who crashed into the gas line was taken to the hospital. His condition is still unknown. It was thought that he may have been intoxicated. 

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