Artist invites Trump & Clinton to sleep in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood

DETROIT – A controversial artist has taken over two vacant houses in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood, lighting them with the names “Trump” and “Clinton."

John O’Malley, 60, lives between the vacant homes. After years of putting up with thefts and vandalism, he reached out to Ryan Mendoza.

“I think that I represent most Americans,” O’Malley said. “I’m stuck in between two poor choices.”

The project is called “The Invitation” and the theme is political.

The homes were painted white and bullet sized holes spell out the names of the presidential candidates. LED lights inside the home illuminate the names at night.

Like other areas in Detroit, the Brightmoor community has been plagued with blight and gun violence.

The project is an open invitation for Clinton and Trump to spend the night in Detroit.

“Neither Trump nor Clinton know about middle America,” O’Malley said. “They don’t know about the regular people, the regular tax payers.”

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