Thieves target young entrepreneurs in Detroit

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A group of young entrepreneurs in Detroit were targeted by a thief who  stole valuable tools used to mow lawns

They’re all under the age of 15 and have their very own company called Quarter Quts. The teens say they are a grass and snow removal company.

Vaughn Arrington who runs Team Strength bought an old store front for the neighborhood teens, thinking it could be a community center for them. The kids had other ideas.

“The answer ended up being they wanted the building to produce money for them,” Arrington said.

The teens stored their lawn care and snow removal equipment inside the building but they say someone broke in, and stole the valuable equipment.

"We help out the community and then we got customers  try and make money and stay out of trouble"

The teens say they still have some equipment, but could use some help from the community to replace what was stolen. 

The young entrepreneur's could use anything from lawn mowers, rakes, snow blowers and other useful landscaping equipment.

If you'd like to help out, Quarter Quts can be reached at 313-757-1162.

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